She Wants To Divorce Me

Chapter 1 Part 1

When Ji Yaoguang opened her eyes, she was shocked by the picture frames on the bedside table.

The layout of the house was familiar and unfamiliar, and she shed two tears. The head was dizzy and only remembered that she had seen her ex-wife Chang Yu and another young woman in a book store. They looked very happy. Since she divorced from Chang Yu three years ago, Ji Yaoguang has restrained herself from thinking about the details related to her. Instead of looking at any news related to her, she fortunately retired from the entertainment industry. She kept her distance, letting her live in a circle and playing happily.

Whoever said that time can cure everything is absolutely deceitful. The last thing she regrets in this life is to sign a divorce agreement with Chang Yu. She simply does not want to separate from that person. Watching the lover curled up in the embrace of others is like holding a knife inch by inch, and the world is no longer brutally tortured. Ji Yaoguang, who was stimulated by the scene of “Official Passion Love Concubine Yi”, bought wine and returned to her small villa to get drunk. She really did wipe out the last few bottles in the bottle that was rolling on the ground. A sense of consciousness. This is her private villa. No one knows it except Chang Yu. Who will get her such a drunk from the cold ground into the room?

No, this is not her villa at all, but her home with Chang Yu three years ago. After the divorce, she gave the house to a regular man who left with her luggage and went abroad. She did not return to China until one year later. At that time, the news of her divorce with Chang Yu had been overwhelmed by various lace news, and no one could attract the public’s gaze for a long time.

The brain that had already gone down seemed to have lost the ability to think. Ji Yaoguang habitually extended her hand and touched the small wooden stand beside the bedside table where two mobile phones could be placed. Chang Yu … … Ji Yaoguang read this name, both eyes open, her mouth appeared a trace of astringency. When she saw Chang Yu hugged with the strange woman, her first thought was still to pull them away, but as her predecessor, she did not have any position and qualifications, right? She can only inhale all the joys and sorrows in the corner. She did not even dare to show up at Chang’e’s front, because at that time, Chang Yu’s career, in order to avoid her being willing to give up her great career and future, was enough to see to what extent her distaste for Ji Yaoguang was reached.
Yu’ – Ji Yaoguang once again called Chang Yu’s name. There was no one in the room, but she still lowered her voice, using only the tone she could hear on her own.

A message crossed, the original dark mobile phone screen suddenly lit up.

Ji Yaoguang first arrived at the time. She sat up in bed because of her surprise, and even the forehead hit the bed and hit a red one. The time displayed on the screen of the mobile phone is December 9, 2117—the day when she divorced Chang Yi three years ago! Is it a phone that is broken? She hurriedly climbed out of bed and ran the room to confirm her guess. Finally saw a divorce agreement signing her name on the case in the living room. Ji Yaoguang suddenly fell on the couch and laughed like a madman.

Woke up back three years ago? Is this a dream? She scolded herself slyly, tears of pain flowed out, still could not believe this fact. Three years ago, on the even of the divorce, she had a loud quarrel with Chang Yu. Rather than quarreling, it would be better to say that she was alone in hysterical shouting. She often hugged her hands in front of her chest and she did not hide any emotions in the calm light. It was like watching a stranger. Said coldly: Divorce. When they fell in love with each other for many years, they were less than a year away from getting married. Ji Yaoguang, who heard the two words, was more like a madman. She looked at Chang’s indifferent back yells and shouted, “Be away!” Her movements were also really fast. She took all her work the next day and she prepared for it. The divorce agreement was early at home waiting for Chang Yu to come back to sign.

Ji Yaoguang could not wait to stab herself three years ago.

Even if it is a dream, she can no longer let the divorce happen. If there is a lot of helplessness in reality, why should the pain be staged again and again in the dream? She stopped laughing, staring at the divorce agreement on the desk, slamming her hand and tearing it to pieces and throwing it in the trash.

In any case, this marriage cannot be separated. At first, because of the momentary impulse, the goddess of love was pushed into the embrace of others and thus regretted for life. Only after experiencing it did she realize how painful it was. Chang Yu entered the entertainment circle when she was seven years old. In the past ten years or so, she has always maintained a habit of rushing home before seven o’clock no matter what important things are. Outside the cold wind and rustling, Ji Yaoguang sitting on the sofa pulled the collar of the shirt, feeling a bit hot in the throat. The clock is now pointing to half past six, which means that there is still half an hour to return from the regular time.

The heart throbbing and throbbing was even more tense than when she stopped the confession. She is the same university as Chang Yu. Chang Yu is from the Department of Performing Arts and has practiced skills in circles since she was a child. Unlike her, Ji Yaoguang is different. She came to the university with a dream of Chinese, but she did not press the university career for the last time. Instead of planning to go, she entered the circle by following her face and following Chang’s steps. She remembered that Chang Yu was unwilling to do so. However, she could not be married to her. Sure enough, she didn’t need much time. Her heart was eroded little by little and slowly she could not find her original intention.

There is nothing that makes her hate more than the loss of Chang Yu gradually. It is as if the blood of her body has gradually been withdrawn from Chang’s departure.